What People
Usually Ask

If you do not find your answer here feel free to
contact us!

Do you handle social media posts?

Not at the moment, we have a partner that is specialized in social media, contact us so we can refer you to them.

Can you create a website like X?

Every website is tailored to suit your needs, we can implement some design’s from website X, but we do not copy.

What payment methods do you support?

We deal with cash mostly, if you are a resident outside of Jordan or the UK, you can send money through WU or banks.

Should I pay the full fee when I buy?

You pay a small fee at the start usually 5-10%, after the design phase is complete, you will pay 20%, after the developement phase you will pay the rest.

I don’t have enough money but I want to work with you.

In special cases we are willing to take a percentage, contact us with your budget and idea.

Will I receive the source code when I buy?

Yes, you will receive any source code that is related to your application,website or game.